Oudalans Adu

Oudalans Adu


Adu 2009 Adu September 2009

This is Antonia from Kelas 1st litter. Maybe someone does not look quite closely, still now a handsome male dog has developed from this little puppy and give us alot of joy.

More about Adu you will find on his Homepage.


Judges reports

Mrs. Thomassen - 14.05.2011 (Inzing)

»4½ years old, reserved male dog, typical for this breed. Good format, Scissor bite with double P1 left above. Efficient and haslefree in his motion. Good character. V1«
CACA, Schönheit und Leistung (Wilderern)

Mrs. Schröter - 11.09.2010 (Greppin)

»3½ years, red brindle, correct white markings, scissor bite with double P1 left above, correct height and upright format, masculine and robust but still with nobility, masc. strong skull, corr. and well balanced angles, very good developed chest, corr. light footed motion, certain temper, V«.
Schönheit und Leistung

Mrs. Schröter - 11.05.2008 (Tüttleben)

»15 month, brindle, white markings, scisser bite with double P1 above left, behaviour is typical for the breed, nice upright proporsitions, correct hight, masculine impression, robust skull, very nice chest, correct angles, very nice and light-footed motion, correct carried tail, instable in his front ankle, V1".

Mrs. Getzinger - 05.04.2008 (Schwarzenfeld)

»14 month old dog, african type, correct a little bit wide skull (african type), correct proportions, a bit light eyes, correct angles, correct coloring with the necessary white markings, motion and temper typical for the breed, V1«.
Jgd.-Ch., Jgd. Ls

Sha Tammaz Ibn Amir El Riad

Sha Tammaz Ibn Amir El Riad

*17.10.1996 - †22.07.2011

Shami 2009 Sha Tammaz Ibn Amir El Riad, May 2009

The boss of my little pack with about 13 years. Our Shami passed away nearly 15 years old. We never forget this engaging Saluki

More about Shami you will find on his homepage.


Judges reports

Mr. Thornton - 13.08.2005 (Großsedlitz)

»8,5 years, good maskuline head, good body, nice dark eyes, excellent condition, sound mover, tail carried a bit gay[?], V1«

Mrs. Getzinger - 08.04.2006 (Schwarzenfeld)

»9,5 year old dog in excelent function, corr. skull, nice and solid back for a dog of his age, angles could be better, corr. and peppy motion, very friendly and balanced temper. V1«

Mrs. Thomassen - 27.05.2006 (Offenbach)

»9,5 years, masculine head, good proportions, flat skull the occipital protuberance marked, neck of a good length, marked withers, good and deep chest, good hindquarters, posture on good "saluki-paws", dry muscles, parallel steps, a bit short steps on the hindquarters, tail is carried in a funny way, confident temper. V3«

Jalamid el Ghafiri

Jalamid el Ghafiri


Jalamid 2011 Jalamid el Ghafiri, August 2011

Jalamid came to us at Oct. 20th, 2011. We picked him up at Marions home in Steinbrücken. After Shami passed away Adu felt more and more alone and we liked to have an Saluki in our pack anyway.

Jalamid is not used to stay without human contact for a longer time. Adus present does not help him and as we are both working we did not had the time to train with him a lot. Now he is back El-Ghafiri kennel.

Jalamid does not have a Homepage.


Jalamid 2011 Jalamid el Ghafiri at Oudalans garden

Still he is very eager to learn. In the pet school he was quite easy with other dogs of any kind. He tries hard to understand any command and has obviously a lot of fun.
Now we hope he will find a new fan who has a bit more time to work with him. We are sure he will develop in a good way. As long as somebody is in the house he is quite satisfied. Even sleeping in different rooms is no problem.