Kela from Burkina Faso

*Januar 2001 - †3.3.2010

Highslide JS Kela from Burkina Faso, foundation bitch of the kennel

The bitch has been brought from Tin Akoff (Region Oudalan, Burkina Faso) to Germany by "ABIS" in 2001. The breeding with imported dogs will help to assure a wide gene-pool and to avoid imbreeding. For rare races like the Azawakh it is a good opportunity to keep the original type and different varieties. ABIS was a foundation who takes a lead of the preservation of the race in their original countries. They also support the local population of these countries. ABIS stops stops the work at the end of 2008. A registered association continues the support of the local aid projects in Africa: ABIS Humanitaire Donations are very wellcome

My Kela has passed away March 3rd 2010. She had a malignen peripheral neural tumor and has been put to sleep at the age of 9 years.


Judges reports

Mrs. Schröter - CACIB 2004

»3 years, red brindle, correct white marks, a little bit reserved temperament as typical for the breed, complete set of teeth, nice hight and format, correct head with a beautiful expression, attitude of the ears mostly affected by the surrounding noise, correct angles, correct chest in all respects, nice and dry muscles, harmonic and hasle-free motion with a nice posture, slightly instabile in the front tarsal«

Mr. Sistermann - Azawakh anual show meeting in Offenbach 2006

»5,5 years, sand color brindled bitch with excelent format, still a bit robust head, very good topline and underline. Excelent angles, confident behavior, correct movement from the side, correct motion during coming and going«

Al Hara's Rizwah

Al Hara's Rizwah, foster dog

more at Initiative Windhundhilfe e.V.

Al Hara's Rizwah

At the weekend October 30th, 2011 we got Rizi as a foster dog. Well we picked her up in Bosserode the same way as Hera. After a short walk with the 2 dogs to get familiar, she was jumping in our car together with Conny on the rear seats. Rizi was quite calm also when Conny left and we started our journey homewards.

Rizi is less shy as her grandchild Hera.


Wiza Ak Ilaman

Wiza Ak Ilaman


Wiza Ak Ilaman - May 2013

Wiza is from the Ak Ilaman W-litter. She is enegized all the time. When we come home the complete dog shakes like hell. To sit down and rest is quite complicated!

Judges reports

L. Erdös, HU - WRVI Ingolstadt 25.05.2013

»Small but elegant bitch, nice head, good upper and lower line, very good coordination in her movement.«
V1, VDH, ResCAC, Zwischenklasse

W. Wiersma, NL - TWC Tüttleben 18.05.2013

»15 Monate alte Hündin, excl. Rasstyp, muss noch trockener werden, aber zeigt sehr schöne Körperlinie und Gangwerk, gut prop Kopf, gute Schere und Ohr, langer Hals, schön hoch angesetzt. Excl. Winkelungen. Gute Ober- und Unterlinie, kräftig bemuskelte Hinterhand, sehr schönes Gangwerk für ihr Alter, gutes Verlaten und sehr gut präsentiert.«
V1, JgdVDH, JgdCAC, JgdBOB Landesjugendsieger Hessen/Thüringen

Note: Mr. Wiersma showed extraordinary skills to handle Azawakhs although they a bit nervous and shy.

P. Prof.Dr. Friedrich - WRGO Schwarzenfeld 06.04.2013

»Harmonic picture, in all levels well balanced bitch head, scissor bite and breast well developed according to the age, topline OK, parallele legs, correct coat structure, confident behavior, easy in motion«
V2, JgdResVDH, JgdResCAC

Herr Fritz - DWZRV Nürnberg 13.01.2013

»11 Monate alte attraktive Rassevertreterin, typischer Kopf und Ausdruck, vz. Scherengebiss, langer Hals, korrekte Winkelungen, korrektes Format und Rückenlänge, sehr gut angesetzt und getragene Rute feines dichtes Haar, typische Färbung, etwas viel Weiß, ganz elastische Bewegung mit viel Aktion, freundliches Verhalten«

Frau Kammerscheid-Lammers - CACIB Nürnberg 12.01.2013

»11 Monate alt noch in der Entwicklung stehend, gut in Kopf und Ausdruck, korr. Gebiß mit Scherenschluß, Hals von guter Länge, korr. Ober- und Unterlinie, gut gestellt in Vor- und Hinterhand, freier Bewegungsablauf, jugendliches und gutartiges Verhalten«
V1, JgdVDH, JgdCAC, BH

Herr Blümel - Ausstellung WRV Greppin 08.09.2012

»7 Monate, entz. Junghündin, femininer Typ, schöner Kopf, guter Ausdruck, sehr schöne Farbe, dem Alter entsp. noch nicht ausbalancier, Gangwerk dem Alter entsp., charmante Junghündin«